Who even are you?


Oh hey, thanks for asking!

I’m an actress based in Los Angeles! I’m funny and my resume says I can wakeboard! I also am a writer, sketch and improv comedian, body positive model, and an alcoholic. But not like in the “Kelsey Grammer was an alcholic when he was filming Fraiser” way, more in the “OMG so weird how all us millennials became alcoholics because we’re broke and can’t figure out how to be adults LOL!” way. It’s so much more charming, right? OKAY now that I’ve spent four lines of my precious bio on my alcoholism, I’ll just tell you the real boring stuff about how I’m from Denver, how I started acting as a kid, how I’m a proud first generation Cuban American, and how I’ve been studying improv for going on 10 years in various theaters around Los Angeles (yes, including the big ones, don’t worry. UCB and Groundlings, calm down.) Every Tuesday I do a podcast on the Smodcast Network called Nooner. Yeah, that’s Kevin Smith’s network (true), I TOTALLY know him and have met him (lie).

I’m the cofounder of Ladies Lunch Productions and you’re gonna want to look at that website too!

Anyway, have fun clicking around, I’m glad you’re here and I hope you love me as much as I love myself.